Monday, March 18, 2013

It's time to get dirty

What, you think I am trying to recruit you for the dirty girl mud race??  Well, I just had to take a moment to tell all of my gardening friends out there that although it still feels like winter here in Northern New Jersey, it is time to start your veggie garden.
I found this really neat website called  sprout robot. Check this out, you enter your zip code and it tells you what to plant in your area and how to do it:
Once you have figured out what to plant, head over to and there you can layout your vegetable garden. They have a very user-friendly kitchen garden planner. You enter the size of your garden beds and it helps you figure out how many plants will fit in your space. That is one of the hardest parts for me, I always cram too much in and then it is hard to keep up with the crowded mess. They also have preplanned designs if you just want to follow one.
I am going to try and at least get the snap peas in this week.
If you need some inspiration, check out this beautiful backyard garden plot:

Happy gardening!
BTW, the dirty girl mud race is June 22nd in Philadelphia, anyone interested?


Anonymous said...

I love this site! Thanks so much for recommending it and "hooking us up"! With my busy, busy schedule...this is an absolute GodSend! Thanks again!

Maureen Fiorellini said...

Your welcome! Check back often, or you can submit your email and receive updates as they are posted. See box on top left of page.