Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lettuce seed tape

Too windy to plant lettuce seeds today. Try this idea, homemade lettuce seed tape. All you do is make a paste with flour and water. Dab a drop of flour paste at one inch intervals along toilet paper sheets. Place 2-3 seeds on each drop of paste and cover with another strip of toilet paper. Place on parchment or baking pan until dry. Cut into long strips and plant in your garden. Thin seedlings to one plant every 8" once seedlings have at least 2 true leaves. Harvest lettuce anytime.
Don't forget to label your rows, I use popsicle sticks,they are inexpensive and you can get them at most craft stores. Use a permanent marker for plant information,it won't fade as fast as other markers.
This method reduces time you will spend having to thin out your lettuce seedlings. Lettuce seeds are so tiny, when I direct sow them in the garden, I always sow too many, this seed tape solves that problem.

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